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Model – Sif Augustsdottir @ Models 1

Hair and makeup – Nicky Tavilla @ Terri Manduca

Styling  – Leah Jennings

Retouch – Digital Light








Model – Gani @ Storm

Makeup – Megumi @ Carol Hayes

Hairstylist – Takanori Yamaguchi using Bumble and Bumble.

Retouch – Rob Dewey @ happy finish

Styling  – Dalia Nassimi @ wired









The unseen have new pieces in selfridges – we shot the look book to promote the collection





Styling – The Unseen

Model – Francesca @ Whilemina

Makeup – Joanna Banach

Retouching – Digital Light








Agency – St Lukes

Creatives – Laura Stevens, Clare Wombell

Styling  – Annette Masterman @ East Photographic

Setbuild – Andy Knight

Retouch – Digital Light







Agency – Krow

Production – Twin Productions

Hands – Hired hands

Moustache model – Luiz @ AMCK





Agency – Feast

Art Director – Brendan Kersey

Casting – Real London Casting

Models – Ana, Sarah, Edward, Chinwe

Styling –  Vanessa Minshull

Hair and Makeup – Nicky Tavilla @ Terri Manduca

Retouching – Digital Light










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Creative Director – Keanoush Da Rosa

Stylist – Rhona Ezuma

Makeup – Nicky Tavilla @ Terri Manduca

Hair – Stephen Beaver @ Jed Root

Nails – Chisato @ Terri Manduca

Models – Samantha Archibald & Suzi Leenaars @ Storm and Hilda Lee @ Next Models

Retouch – Rob Dewey @ Happy Finish








Agency – Krow

Art Direction – Georg Thessman, Tara Button

Project Manager – Mark Coldham

Production – Danielle Hunt @ Twin Productions

Styling – Pip Hamilton @ Frank

Hair and Makeup – Nicky Tavilla @ Terri Manduca

Set build – Andy Knight

Neon – Kemp London

Retouch – Phil Crisp @ Digital light



This image is a promotion for the 1957 vintage edition Fiat, and references the aesthetics of the jazz and swing covers of the period.


Agency – Krow

Art Direction – Georg Thessman, Tara Button

Project Manager – Mark Coldham

Production – Danielle Hunt @ Twin Productions

Model – Emma Appelton @ D1

Styling – Pip Hamilton @ Frank

Hair and Makeup – Nicky Tavilla @ Terri Manduca

Set build – Andy Knight

Neon – Kemp London

Retouch – Phil Crisp @ Digital light







Agency – Krow

Art Direction – Georg Thessman, Tara Button

Project Manager – Mark Coldham

Production – Danielle Hunt @ Twin Productions

Styling – Pip Hamilton @ Frank

Model – Kit @ Elite

Hair and Makeup – Nicky Tavilla @ Terri Manduca

Set build – Andy Knight

Neon – Kemp London

Retouch – Sean Rugg @ Digital light




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Creative Director – Keanoush Da Rosa

Stylist – Emanuela Ippolito

Model – Xinjie liu @ D1 Models

Art Director – Dan Von Harper

Set Design and Build – Thomas Bird

Makeup – Joanna Banach

Hair – Charley McEwen @ Carol Hayes Management

Retouch – Sinan @ Loupe Digital Imaging

Photographic Assistant – Karl Donovan

Directors Assistant – Will Larkin





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Art Director – Keanoush Da Rosa

Model – Jenna Roberts at Select

Stylist – Emanuela Ippolito

Makeup – Weini Haile

Hair – Charley McEwen at Carol Hayes Management

Photographic Assistant – Lou Rolley

Retouching – Jackie Williams at Happy Finish




House of Flora are an avant-garde headwear designer whose approach is driven by materials, strong geometry, historical figures and concepts in modern art. The strong blues running through the collection lent itself to a graphic approach, with a military aesthetic.


Creative Director – Flora McLean

Art Direction – Keanoush Da Rosa

Stylist – Emanuela Ippolito

Fashion Director – Dan Von Harper

Model – Mary Ballantyne @  Wilhelmina

Hair and Makeup – Nicky Tavilla @ Terri Manduca

Retouch – Sya @ Digital Light







Art Direction – Joanna Perry, Damon Troth
Project Manager – Mark Coldham @ Krow

Production – Twin Productions

Stylist – Pip Edwards

Neon lights – Kemp London

Sets  – Andy Knight

Hair / Makeup – Nicky Tavilla @ Terri Manduca

Retouching – Digital Light





Styling – Vanessa Minshull

Setbuild  – Andy Knight

Retouch – Ben Backhouse / Karl Donovan





Agency – AMV BBDO

Creatives – Larry Dyer

Art Production – Amy Simmons

Model Making – Tim Weare

Retouch – AMV BBDO






Art Direction – Joanna Perry, Damon Troth
Project Manager – Mark Coldham @ Krow

Production – Twin Productions

Stylist – Pip Edwards

Neon lights – Kemp London

Sets  – Andy Knight

Hair / Makeup – Nicky Tavilla @ Terri Manduca

Retouching – Digital Light






After shooting a campaign for Hiscox early summer for VCCP, I was asked to produce this stand alone ad which draws on the idea of family history and the bespoke / personal service that Hiscox offers.


Art direction – Veryan Prigg, Kieran Knight  / VCCP

Project Manger – Jon Dewart / VCCP

Styling – Paige McMillan

Setbuild – Andy Knight

Retouch – Stanleys post

Family Photos – thanks to Lee Southgate





Setbuild – East Productions

Retouch – Digital Light



Makeup – Neusa Neves @ Terri Manduca

Retouch – Digital Light



Retouching – Digital Light

Model – Charly Wright @ boss

Makeup – Neusa Neves @ Terri Manduca




Setbuild – East Productions

Retouching – Digital Light




Shot in collaboration with prosthetic genius Bill Turpin for Cybersmile, this ad is designed to communicate the damage that online bullying can do by showing computer keys pushing up through the skin causing injury – ‘words wound’. Today is ‘Stop Cyberbullying day’ – The Cybersmile Foundation are asking everybody who cares about cyberbullying and online hate campaigns to join their growing movement for action against online bullying and to help them create a safer, more enjoyable environment for young people. Find out more at

Prothetic and makeup – Bill Turpin

Retouch – Stefano Cherubini @ happy finish

3D printed keys under skin – John Robertson @ London Graphic Systems



I have just shot this headpiece for ‘the unseen’, a fashion and design house that fuses science and art to create unique work. This piece features swarovski crystals that change colour with brain activity.


Model – Veronika @ union
Makeup – Nikki Tavilla @ Terri Manduca
Retouching – Digital Light






Out now on backlit 96 sheets and in press everywhere – commissioned by Krow, using the idea of the car as a spring summer fashion accessory. The backgrounds were made on a small scale (10ft by 5ft) using 3D CAD designs outputted with robo-sculptor technology, and treated and painted by the guys at Andy Knight to look like design led architectural backgrounds.


Creatives – Joanna Perry and Damon Troth @ Krow
Project manager – Mark Coldham @ Krow
Production – Danielle Hunt / Twin productions
Models – Augusto @ Select, Kirsty Parsons @ Profile, Jade McSorely @ Established, Chloe Thomas @ D1
Stylist – Pip Edwards
Sets / Modelmaking – Andy Knight
Hair / Makeup – Nicky Tavilla @ Terri Manduca
Retouching – Krow in conjunction with Digital Light
Assistants – Karl Donovan, David Holbrook, Tom Griffiths, Jack Clancy



hiscox advertsing



The new campaign for Hiscox insurance, commissioned by VCCP, is out now. Hiscox are known for dramatic advertising with a fade to black defining the aesthetic. The challenge here was to create that effect in a convincing setting of family life, while retaining the feeling of warmth.


Creatives – Veryan Prigg , Kieran Knight / vccp

Project manager – Jon dewart / vccp

Styling – Karen Smith

Sets / modelmaking – Andy Knight

Retouching – Mark Taylor @ Stanleys Post

Assistants – Mark Griffiths, Tom Griffiths, Jack Clancy




Good to see this article on the recently shot Cannes Lions campaign






Agency – McCann London

Creatives – Mike Oughton, Simon Hepton, Karl Rapp

Design – Gary Todd

Stylist – Liz Engelhardt

Makeup – Nicky Tavilla

Producer – Anna Henderson

Retouch – McCann inhouse






Working with Bill Turpin ( on this collage of Rugby injuries forming the French tricolour was a pleasure as ever.


Agency – AMV

Creatives – Dalatando Almeida, Michael Hughes

Retouching – AMV in house

Prosthetics – Bill Turpin





Wired magazine commissioned me to shoot this concept featuring clothing by Lauren Bowker / The piece is reactive, heat and wind causes colour change.


Art direction – Ben Fraser
Designer – Lauren Bowker
Hair and Makeup – Caroline Sims
Model – Rona Kirwan at D1
Retouch – Phil Crisp at Digital Light
Assistant – Mickey Bowles



We shot this in the early hours of the morning at Kings Cross Station. The Balloon man was pre-made by balloon artist David Croft.


Agency – Aqueduct

Art Director – Andy Mclane

Balloon Artist – David Croft

Retouch – Digital Light



Working with set designer Linnea Apelqvist we created this campaign based on Mondrian and the De Stijl movement.







Client – Modalu

Set design / styling – Linnea Apelqvist

Retouching – Hank Gidney at Monkey London



Shots from the SS14 house of flora look book – the styling and colours are based on tennis.

Client – House of Flora

Makeup – Joanna Banach

Hair – Noriko Takayama

Retouch – Digital Light 




A shot of a bear head sculpture by Arran Gregory. Hes a great talent – one to watch.

retouch – Phil Crisp at digital light



This collaboration with Bill Turpin , prosthetic makeup artist, deserves exposure – great to see it as a cover

Prosthetic makeup – Bill Turpin

Cosmetic makeup/hair – Natalya Nair

Model – Charlotte Benson



125 Magazine shoot



A successful collaboration with the talented Annette Masterman. Retouch by Lee Hickman. Flowers from new covent garden market – lots of orchids!






Exerts from the latest accessories look books below. We used different sizes of perspex cube to vary the composition across the 90 featured pieces.


Styling  – Vanessa Minshull

Retouching – Ben Backhouse

Perspex cubes – Millar Models





Makeup – Nikki Wolff

Hair – Sharon Hayford

Left Model – Drew @ D1

Right Model – Rory @ Nevs



I was commissioned to produce this campaign promoting software that allows easy collection of data for medical trials. The concept was to make an installation of the objects that define an individual’s life, in an art gallery setting. All shot for real in a set made by Andy Knight, this labour intensive project yielded great results. The zebra, Nairobi, was a highlight.


Client – CRF

Agency – Langland

Art Director – Dennis Field

Setbuild / Rigging – Andy Knight

Stylist  – Dawn Weller

Stylist Assistant – Vannessa Minshull

Models – Russell Kilminster, Katy Riddell, Janie Mac,

Zabra – Nairobi @ A to Z of animals

Hair and Makeup – Celine Nonon @ Terri Manduca

Retouching – Lee Hickman

Photo Assistants – Phil Haynes, Mark Griffiths, Greg Lengyel





‘Hysteria’ ad for Commerzbank by Ogilvy and Mather Czech Republic.I just found out it did well on the awards front.


As an individual print ad it won – Bronze on KaKaDu, KIAF / Silver on Golden Drum / Gold on KaKaDu, Idea / Special Prize on KIAF
As part of a wider ad campaign it won – Silver on Epica, Golden Hammer / Gold on ADC*UA, Beliy Kvadrat

Agency – Ogilvy&Mather, Kylv, Ukraine

Creative Director  – Will Rust

Copywriter – Karolina Galacz

Makeup – Emma O’Byrne




Drew Henry is a talented young designer who has graduated from St Martins – he asked me to photograph his final show collection – “Intersections”. South African Born Drew took inspiration from the clothing of the indigenous Ndebele and Shangaan people – more details can be found in this article.




Styling – Vanessa Minshull
Makeup – Nikki Wolff
Model – Nykhor @ D1



These still life openers are all about balance of a group of luxury accessories that share similar colour. It was an intricate shoot, but always rewarding to work with such high quality product.




Styling / Art direction – Carla Bradley



Stylist Vanessa Minshull came up with the concept for this shoot – beauty with modern, graphic hats by house of flora. The clean, direct aesthetic and quality and innovation in the design of hats become the story.




Makeup – Nikki Wolff
Hair 1 – Simon Izzard
Hair 2 – Kieron Lavine

Nails – Karen Louise
Models – Trissan, Dev, Tatiana, Natalia @ D1, Alesandra @ union, Tiara @ Storm