max oppenheim

CRF ads for Langland

I was commissioned to produce this campaign promoting software that allows easy collection of data for medical trials. The concept was to make an installation of the objects that define an individual’s life, in an art gallery setting. All shot for real in a set made by Andy Knight, this labour intensive project yielded great results. The zebra, Nairobi, was a highlight.


Client – CRF

Agency – Langland

Art Director – Dennis Field

Setbuild / Rigging – Andy Knight

Stylist  – Dawn Weller

Stylist Assistant – Vannessa Minshull

Models – Russell Kilminster, Katy Riddell, Janie Mac,

Zabra – Nairobi @ A to Z of animals

Hair and Makeup – Celine Nonon @ Terri Manduca

Retouching – Lee Hickman

Photo Assistants – Phil Haynes, Mark Griffiths, Greg Lengyel